Campbell Collegiate Music Program - A Comfortable Place for Expansion

My four years in high school pushed me past my expectations more times then I can remember. I was an eager grade 9 student being a member of the Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz and Musical Pit Orchestra. Grade 10 was highlighted by the re-birth of the String Orchestra. I took up the violin seriously and played in this ensemble as a Violin III. I also composed a seasonal four movement Banjo Concerto for String Orchestra and Banjo this year. The conductor, Mr Baird, allowed this piece to be read and eventually performed at the University of Regina’s Musica Sacra event in the spring. This was the first time one of my pieces was taken seriously, and it was the first of many oc

Buffalo Narrows - A Band of Regina Musicians Playing Anything They Can

Buffalo Narrows Biography goes something like this: The goal of the Regina’s Buffalo Narrows is to unite all of the genres they love; old-timer and modern alike, to create something that is both new and unique, while still carrying on the great traditions that today's musicians inherit. They find their inspiration in both a band of gypsies in Eastern Europe and a drunken mountain man in backwoods Appalachia; a Deep Southern banjo picker on his porch and the great Tom Waits; Italian tarantellas and pirate sea chanteys; the mournful songwriting of Hank Williams and the upbeat indie-rock of today. As technically skilled and highly adaptable musicians, they embrace the challenge of playing v

Engineers Have Feelings Too - A Collection of Ron Davison’s Original Songs Transcribed by Ben Knorr

Have you ever heard a whole album of songs written by a chemical engineer? Not many people would say they have. I had the pleasure of working with 17 original tunes by my dad’s childhood friend Ronald J. Davison. Ron had asked me to transcribe them so that he could have a keepsake with his songs put into music. With witty lyrics like "You’re my singularity, my final destination, my orbit decaying in a strange cosmic dance. What new multiverse is your ultimate intention ‘cause God doesn’t roll dice or play game of chance” and “Now I’m drifting in-between the Quarks and Higg’s Bosons there’s no light to light the way through this particle ocean, I’m lost without Newton’s Laws of Motion, Tryin

Winter Break in Canada

Today is my second last full day in my home country Canada. I am at home with my family, snuggling with my dog K.C. and enjoying the last few moments we have left before I have to leave and return to Boston. My winter break has been amazing. It started out with Liam Callan (See Upcoming Post) and I taking the Logan Airport Shuttle Bus for five dollars to the airport. When we arrived we parted and I went and waited in the airport terminal for 3 hours to work on unfinished compositions. When I arrived in Toronto I went straight through security and went to Timmies (Tim Hortons, a mostly Canadian franchise). It was nice to be back in Canada. I probably ate too much at Tim Hortons because I was