• Ben Knorr

Engineers Have Feelings Too - A Collection of Ron Davison’s Original Songs Transcribed by Ben Knorr

Have you ever heard a whole album of songs written by a chemical engineer? Not many people would say they have.

I had the pleasure of working with 17 original tunes by my dad’s childhood friend Ronald J. Davison. Ron had asked me to transcribe them so that he could have a keepsake with his songs put into music. With witty lyrics like "You’re my singularity, my final destination, my orbit decaying in a strange cosmic dance. What new multiverse is your ultimate intention ‘cause God doesn’t roll dice or play game of chance” and “Now I’m drifting in-between the Quarks and Higg’s Bosons there’s no light to light the way through this particle ocean, I’m lost without Newton’s Laws of Motion, Trying to decipher these entangled emotions”. These songs are very interesting, and enjoyable to listen to. The chorus of that song goes like this: “Oh it feels like I’m lost in a Quantum love, wish I was two places at one time. Feels just like Schrodinger’s cat again, don’t know if I’m dead or alive”.

This project helped me improve my transcribing ability, and enlightened me with the power of lyrics. Being primarily an instrumentalist, working with such genius lyrics I learned a lot about how to build songs, the art of story telling and rhyming. Through listening and working on these songs for countless hours I got to learn about Ron’s life inside his heart. It was a very valuable experience taking the majority of his original work, and writing out the music; even though our friendship is through my dad, I feel I have gotten to know him in a way not many people have the opportunity to. Despite the age gap, we bonded through music and I think that is an important concept; music can transcend time, age, and cultures. Ron's songs tell stories of joy, sorrow, loss, friends, and love.

The 17 songs are: A Lover, A Friend: A Reflection Dies; Black Lightning; Cruisin’ In That Beaumont; Firefall; Lindsay’s Last Dance; Lost in Music; Night Whispers; Ode To a Real Cowboy; Patti’s Fight; Perfect Package; Quantum Love; Remembering Grr!; Straight Ahead ’Til Morning; The Rain Hides Her Tears; Vampire’s Kiss; You and I. All songs are registered with The Society of Composer, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).


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