• Ben Knorr

Winter Break in Canada

Today is my second last full day in my home country Canada. I am at home with my family, snuggling with my dog K.C. and enjoying the last few moments we have left before I have to leave and return to Boston.

My winter break has been amazing. It started out with Liam Callan (See Upcoming Post) and I taking the Logan Airport Shuttle Bus for five dollars to the airport. When we arrived we parted and I went and waited in the airport terminal for 3 hours to work on unfinished compositions. When I arrived in Toronto I went straight through security and went to Timmies (Tim Hortons, a mostly Canadian franchise). It was nice to be back in Canada. I probably ate too much at Tim Hortons because I was too full to have any Thai Express, or Starbucks. When we reached Regina, Saskatchewan, it was so foggy we couldn’t land and we circled for over half an hour until the pilot made the announcement that because of weather conditions we could not land, and that we were continuing on to Calgary, Alberta. I started writing a waltz for String Quartet called 'Home?’ that expressed my feelings about the situation. We eventually did come back to land in Regina at around 3:00, am which was about 3 hours after my family, relatives, and dog had originally gathered there to welcome me home.

My Aunty, Uncle, Cousin, and Grandma were all visiting, and the first productive thing I did was make bread with my Grandma. It was good to see everyone again, and I could feel the holiday spirit, because everyone was so happy.

Later in the week I played a show at the Conexus Arts Center with Buffalo Narrows (See Upcoming Post). It was for a fundraising gala for the famous snowboarder Mark McMorris (who at one time was my neighbor), and his brother Craig McMorris. It was a really fun show, especially playing with the fellas in Buffalo Narrows again.

The following day my brother Raymond, Mom and I drove to Saskatoon to play a dance. This dance was a fundraiser for the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Competition (See Upcoming Post), where last summer I accompanied my brother while he competed for his first time. We stopped at Boston Pizza for dinner. It was nice to be back home where this restaurant exists. The dance was very fun, and It was good bonding time with some of the ‘Fiddle Fam(ily)’ (See Upcoming Post) including Celine and Tristan.

The next day we headed on to Alberta to visit some of my mom’s family, especially my 80 year old grandpa. It was good to spend time with loved ones. While I was in Alberta, I got two guitars re-fretted and fixed up by the amazing luthier Andy Nicoll with Nicoll Guitars. If you have any problems with your guitar, this man is the person to see. (

Back home in Regina it was nice to visit with friends, and teachers. While relaxing, I was also finishing up transcribing 17 songs a family friend Ron Davison (See Upcoming Post). I also had the chance to rehearse a choral piece I wrote titled Osculum with the Campbell Collegiate Chamber Choir (See Upcoming Post).


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