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The King… of all Bobs, Bob King a Wonderful Children's Musician - Ben Knorr

Famous for the Canadian Standards “Sandwiches are Beautiful” and “Brother for Sale” Bob King, better known to his fans as The King of All Bobs, is a joy to work with, and an inspiration to all. His unique style of writing is characterized by his catchy melodies and genuinely creative lyrics.

My Brother Ray and I went to Campbell Collegiate with Megan King, Bob’s Daughter. After one of the school concerts Bob came up to us and asked if we were interested in playing a few shows with him and Megan. Ray and I eagerly jumped on board.

The first thing Ray and I noticed when learning the songs for the shows was that Bob was a genius with lyrics.

Bob got his start in music at the age of 18 when he started playing guitar. He eventually joined the band Kornstock with the two legends Fred Penner and Al Simmons. At the same time Bob was also at school to get his teaching certificate. After Kornstock broke up he continued playing, but shifted his focus to children’s songs.

The King visits elementary schools, and helps the kids escape from their regular school routine. He enjoys interacting and challenging them by directing them to write songs. The most important thing about writing for children is ‘inspiration, you need that good idea; the first one line, the spark that grabs peoples attention’. He gave the example of how ‘Great Big Muscles’, like many of his songs, originated in a class room.

The writing process for Bob starts with an idea then is continued with effective repetition. ‘Good song writing is good organizational skills, it must make sense. Some songs are 10 seconds of song and the rest is just repetition’.

Listen to his viral ‘Snow Shoveling Man’ song here: and don’t come complaining to me about it being stuck in your head until next winter. I am honored to know such a creative man!

I would like to personally thank Bob King for his time as he allowed me to interview him.

You can find CD’s for sale, and other news on his website:


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