Tune List

Thank you for buying this book, below you will find an abundance of hyperlinks, underlined words/phrases that when you click on them will open up a new window to help you locate and learn the tunes in this book.

I have tried my best to provide the exact version I worked from, or something similar. In all, but two cases (Back Up and Push and Snowflake Waltz), you will be able to purchase the version I used with the link provided.



Artist and Tune

Brain Finnegan & William Coulter

Reel for Rubik

Toward the Sun


Calvin Vollrath

Back Up and Push (Solo)

Casey Driessen


Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer

El Cinco Reel

Daniel Gervais

Memories of London

Reminiscent of Crypt Lake

The Fretless

Dirty Hairy (Excerpt)

Purple Beads (Excerpt)

John Jorgenson

Snowflake Waltz

Julian Pinelli

Simple Mountains

Maeve Gilchrist



Mark Sullivan

Roxanne’s Welcome to Whitehorse

The Swingin’ Dranes

Nickel Creek

Ode to a Butterfly
In The House of Tom Bombadil

Punch Brothers/Väsen

Flippen (The Flip)

Ragnhild Fürebotten

En Ganske Snill Mann - Version in Book


Shane Cook

Don’t Let The Deal Go Down

Traditional Clog

Shane Cook & Jake Charron

Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle? (set)

Liam Childs (Piano Version)
Liam Childs (Fiddle Version/set)

Wheel Hoss Polkas (set)

Traditional Bulgarian

(Chris Thile & Mike Marshall)

Sedi Donka

Traditional Turkish

Damat Halayı


Live at Camp Calvin 2013

(email me for audio)